Top Benefits of Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches

Wearable devices are big trend today. Fit Bit popularized them and Apple took it to the next level with Apple Watch. Since then though, many other companies have also started building Smart Watches and you can get a quality band now for as little as $20.

But what are the benefits?

Goal Setting

It's hard to reach a goal if you don't have one. Any fitness band has the ability to keep track of your steps and activity throughout your day. Having a device where you can set a goal, and it can keep track of it for you, greatly improves your chances of achieving that goal. 

Staying Accountable

These gadgets have built in alerts and vibration that will help notify you to get moving or let you know you've hit a goal. Everyone loves a little dopamine by getting a notification.

Most fitness band apps also let you add friends so that you can either compete against your friends or set group goals together.

Monitors your Health

As well as tracking your activity, you can also track your heart rate and calories burned. 

Keeping your heart rate at a healthy level is important to your health. The function of your heart is probably the most important system in your body. If your heart rate is too slow or too fast, it can indicate that there might be something you need to check out. 

To learn more about your heart rate, check out this article at Harvard Health

Everything you eat gets converted into Calories in your body. Calorie units are units of energy, and often, if you intake more Calories than you burn in a day on a regular basis, your body weight can become a problem. 

Healthier Eating

It is proven that the more you care about your fitness and activity, the more concerned you'll be about what you eat. 

Since you're able to track how many calories you burn, it becomes more motivating to track how many calories you eat.

Better Sleep

Keeping track of your sleep can be a real eye opener once you start.

Most studies show that the average adult needs 7-9 hours or sleep a night, and kids 9 - 12 depending on their age. Unfortunately, most of us don't get near that much.

With your fitness band tracking the amount of sleep you get, you'll be able to create better habits that will help you sleep more. 

Where to Start

When it comes to fitness bands and smart watches, start small. It's hard to know if you'll even like where something on your wrist all day. We've found a few great yet affordable smart bands you can buy and posted them on our store. Go check them out now.